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If you want to add beauty, strength & character to your home, consider hardwood floors.

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    Variety of Styles

    From light to dark, hardwood floors come in an almost endless variety of colors and textures. Selecting the plank size, edges and finish of your floor provides even more options in the design and look of your room.

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    Wood floors can stand up to the busy lifestyles of today’s active family and continue to look beautiful for decades. After years of use, a new finish can be applied to renew luster when your wood floors start to look a little dull as well as repair small dents and scratches.

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    Environmental Benefits

    Because wood floors can last for many generations, they require fewer raw materials—and produce less landfill waste—than other flooring options. Hardwood is a renewable flooring option because trees can be replanted to replace those harvested. In the U.S., for every tree harvested, another 1.66 is planted, which means standing volume is significantly greater today than just a few decades ago. During their service lives, wood floors also sequester carbon dioxide, and when they reach the end of their service life, they can be recycled for other uses or burned as fuel.